Ukrainian women are drinking more and more, and men dying earlier


Average life expectancy for men in Ukraine is 12 years less than for women.  This and other worrying figures were given at a press conference on Wednesday by a representative of the State Committee of Statistics Inna Samchenko.

She stressed that efforts need to be made to ensure men lead a healthy style of living. At the same time, women need support in the economic sphere with the average salary for women in the economy up to 30% less than for men. 

Ms Samchenko pointed out that while 80% of civil servants are women, only 14% hold first to third category of managerial positions. While there are almost the same number of men and women scientists, women make up only 40% of those with PhDs [in Ukrainian – Candidates of Science] and a mere 19% of Doctors of Science.

Ella Libanova, Director of the Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Demography and Social Research reports that according to studies, over recent years the gap in life expectancy between men living in rural and in urban areas has risen. She says that the situation is particularly worrying in rural areas with men living on average around 2 years less than men in cities. The genofund in Ukraine is being eroded through alcoholism.

Ms Libanova predicts that there will be a slight decrease in the difference in life expectancy rates for men and women  however this is due to a trend towards reduction in gender-related differences in style of living. The number of women who smoke and drink is on the rise and is almost equal to statistics for men.

According to Oleh Voronenko, Adviser on programme issues for the UN Population Fund for Ukraine, the Fund during 2006-2010 will be carrying out an aid programme in Ukraine with a budget of nearly 8 million dollars.

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