Journalist Safety Fund created


A fund has been initiated by the International Federation of Journalists and the Swedish Media Union to ensure journalist safety in Ukraine.  It will specifically help Ukrainian media outlets to carry out independent investigations into high-profile cases and protect the journalists involved.

The fund will be attached to the Independent Media Trade Union. A working group has been created within the latter which is now drawing up working rules, the mechanisms for providing assistance and the principles for the financial activities of the Fund.

Serhiy Huz, Head of the Independent Media Trade Union does not exclude the possibility that politicians and businesspeople will be enlisted in providing funding. “It’s a complex issue creating such a fund in Ukraine, so that on the one hand it can attract funding from various sources, while on the other remaining absolutely independent.”

Mr Huz says that by February the relevant documents will be submitted for registration and the Fund will become fully functional at the end of the year. The first contributions to the Fund will come from the sale of the manual “Information’s hostages” which has been prepared by Ukrainian and Swedish journalists.

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