SBU catches alleged gang of Nazi racists


The press service of the Central Department of the Crimean SBU [Security Service] has stated that they believe the culprits responsible for Nazi graffiti to be six young people, some unemployed and others studying in evening schools or technical colleges. All six are from entirely normal families. The young people detained claim that they were just clowning around while under the influence of alcohol.

The material is presently under examination by the Krasnoperekopsk city Prosecutor. The behaviour is classified under the articles for hooliganism and for violations of equal rights on the basis of race, nationality or religion, which involve quite serious legal consequences.

There have been a number of vandal attacks against the building of the Mejilis of the Crimean Tatars in Simferopol. The last occurred on 22 December 2007 when during the celebration of one of the main Muslim Festivals Kurban-bairam, four teenagers, including one female, daubed graffiti offensive to Crimean Tatars on the walls of the building. At the time the press service of the Mejilis said that there were several such attacks each year and that in none of the cases had the law enforcement agencies found those responsible.

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