Nine Lviv families to be granted the title of Righteous among the Nations


During a three-day visit to Lviv, Israel’s Ambassador to Ukraine, Zina Kalai-Kleitman will be handing certificates and medals of the Righteous among the Nations to nine Lviv families.

The Ambassador spoke of this during a meeting with the Deputy Head of the Lviv Regional Administration Valery Pyatak, and explained: “In Soviet times this was a taboo subject, and therefore a lot of testimony has been lost, however we are continuing our search.”

According to Valery Pyatak this is an enormously important mission which enriches all nationalities.

“Ukraine also travelled its road of thorns in its history. Millions were victims of Holodomor. We therefore honour the remembrance acts of other nationalities.”

From the Yad Vashem site

A person recognized as a "Righteous Among the Nations" is awarded a specially minted medal bearing his name, a certificate of honour, and the privilege of his (or her) name being added to those on the Wall of Honour in the Garden of the Righteous at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. (The last is in lieu of a tree planting, which was discontinued for lack of space.)
The awards are distributed to the rescuers or their next of kin in moving ceremonies in Israel or in their countries of residence through the good offices of Israel’s diplomatic representatives. These ceremonies are attended by local government representatives and are given wide media coverage.

The Yad Vashem Law authorizes Yad Vashem "to confer honorary citizenship upon the Righteous Among the Nations, and if they have passed away, the commemorative citizenship of the State of Israel, in recognition of their actions." 

To date, 21,310 men and women have been recognized as Righteous Among the Nations. This figure includes family members who shared in the rescue of Jews and represents over 8,000 authenticated rescue stories. Yad Vashem’s policy is to pursue the program for as long as petitions for this title are received and are supported by solid evidence that meets the criteria.

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