Alexander Kazulin will refuse food indefinitely in not allowed to his wife’s funeral


Irina Kazulina died yesterday, 23 February, of cancer. Her husband, Belarusian political prisoner and former democratic candidate in the Presidential elections, is serving a five and a half year sentence for “hooliganism” and organizing “mass disturbances” during an opposition demonstration on 25 March in Minsk.

Mr Kazulin has made a personal statement posted on the Free Kazulin site at:

“I declare a hunger strike. If within two days they don’t release me, from 26 February I will go on a dry hunger strike, and then in 6 or 7 days they’ll bury me together with my wife. Lukashenko killed my wife, he’s a murderer. The death of my wife is on his conscience. I declare that my wife’s funeral will not take place until they let me out.

I am turning to the ambassadors of Europe and the USA  calling for urgent tough sanctions against Lukashenko personally and main Belarusian busineses.”

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