Attack on Crimean journalist


The home of the Chief Editor of the Alushta newspaper “Freedom of Speech”, Vasyl Fomenko, was attacked last night, after the criminals wearing masks burst into his home.

After a fight with the owner, the assailants fled, leaving the canister of petrol they brought with them and one mask.

A Radio Svoboda correspondent reports that Mr Fomenko received a head injury and is experiencing pain around the liver. A medical examination found slight concussion and numerous mild injuries.

Mr Fomenko believes the attack to be linked with his professional activities. He says that there has been a lot of publicity recently over articles about the privatization by one of the criminal bosses of a hostel where people are living.

“I think this attack is linked with my publication in the last issue of “Freedom of Speech” about the hostel “Magnolia”. Certain business people want to evict the tenants and sell the hostel. One of the business people whom I suspect was previously connected with the Salem gang.”

The Crimean police confirm that a criminal investigation is underway and a police team from Simferopol has been sent to Alushta.

Last year not one of the criminal offences committed against Crimean journalists was uncovered and the perpetrators were not prosecuted.

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