Support for imprisoned Russian opposition figure mounting


Protest against the persecution of the head of the St. Petersburg branch of “Yabloko” Maxim Reznik has moved from St Petersburg to the capital, Moscow. An ongoing one-person picket is to be positioned outside the Prosecutor General’s office.

The number of those angry over the arrest and prosecution of the St Petersburg opposition politician is increasing rapidly, with the wave of protest hitting the capital.

The single-person picket (the only type which does not require a permit) will be held with people taking turns to stand and remind the staff of the Prosecutor General’s office of their demand – that Maxim Reznik be released from the remand centre and that the criminal proceedings against him be terminated.

As already reported here, Maxim Reznik is facing charges of “insulting representatives of the authorities” and “using force against representatives of the authorities” – attacking three police officers.  The charges are less than convincing, as are the possible motives for remanding him in custody.

Please join the very large number of people who have already signed the appeal which can be found here:

Send a letter giving your name and preferably country to: [email protected]

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