Young Russian political activist granted political asylum in Ukraine


Olga Kudrina, 24-year-old activist of the National Bolshevik Party [NBP] which is banned in Russia, received a prison sentence for hanging a banner on the façade of the “Russiya” Hotel reading “Putin, go by yourself!”

On 4 May 2005 Olga and another activist from the party draped the banner, 10 metres in length and with the words on a black background, using mountain-climbing gear from the eleventh storey.  They also threw leaflets about the need for Putin to go and for free elections.

Criminal proceedings were launched against them and a year later the Tverskoy Court in Moscow found Kudrina guilty of hooliganism and damage to property. She was sentenced to 3 and a half years imprisonment however the sentence was announced in her absence, since she had fled to Ukraine.  she has been waiting for a decision on her application for almost a year, during which time she has married, and given birth to a daughter.

As reported here, another political activist belonging to the same political party, Mikhail Gangan, is presently seeking asylum in Ukraine.

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