Ukraine’s Tender Chamber continued buying coverage in March


The initiative “We’re not for sale!” reports that in March the Tender Chamber commissioned the most “news items”. “Era” sold the most, but two presenters – Mazurak and Soroka – read out the most.

This was in fact the second month that the Tender Chamber figured most frequently in material shown on main news programmes despite not being topical, significant or presented in a balanced fashion.

27 items were deemed by the panel of independent experts - Natalya Ligachova, Chief Editor of “Telekritika”, Victoria Syumar from the Institute for Mass Information, Taras Shevchenko from the Media Law Institute and Vitaly Maximov from the publication “Dyelo” [“Business”] – to have been produced with infringements of the standards of topicality, significance and balanced presentation. Of these 12 were connected with the Tender Chamber.

The results also showed six items concerning Dniproenergo and two about Leonid Chenovetsky.

The number of dodgy items recorded in March was the highest in the 5 months of monitoring.

It was also pointed out that the amount of money being spent on commissioned material is rising.

Natalya Ligachova says that she simply feels offended over two colleagues who produced commissioned material favourable to Chernovetsky. As she puts it, during the years of censorship they fought against the stick, but haven’t withstood the temptation of the carrot.

Taras Shevchenko predicts an even greater increase in the amount of commissioned material due to the elections for Mayor of Kyiv and deputies of the City Council.

The initiative “We’re not for sale!” began in early November 2007 with a statement issued by dozens of television presenters, editors and journalists pledging to boycott any news material prepared to order.

The Initiative carries out daily monitoring of the news broadcasts on the main nationwide channels

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