New “enemies of the people” list appears on the Russian segment of the Internet


It was reported on Thursday that the Russian Federation Prosecutor General’s office has begun checking information about the dissemination by Neo-Nazis of “lists of enemies”.

The list apparently contains the names of many human rights defenders and representatives of the law enforcement system investigating crimes believed to be racially motivated.

.According to the Director of the Moscow Human Rights Bureau Alexander Brod, on one of the websites, the names of human rights defenders, investigators and employees of the law enforcement agenices, as well as their home addresses, workplace and other information are given.

Alexander Brod stresses that those on the list are extremely concerned and fear violence given the way Neo-Nazi radicals have got completely out of control this year. He does not discount the possibility that the website’s author took information from law enforcement agencies’ databases.

He adds that in the Russian segment of the Internet, there are around 800 radical nationalist sites, according to his group’s information there are approximately 70 thousand skinheads and other activists of radical-national organizations.

Brod pointed out that human rights groups had previously drawn the attention of the law enforcement agencies to publications of such information, however up till now not one criminal investigation has been initiated. “The law enforcement agenices claimed that they didn’t have the necessary technical means to identify the creators of such sites”.

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