To Deutsche Welle: Stop polluting the Internet!


I write once again in connection with your article still polluting the Internet at,2144,3288661,00.html  I am making this letter open since it is not by any means the first letter we have sent you and find your lack of action baffling.

The article, written by an anonymous author with American English, is teeming with mistakes and riddled with prejudice. I see no reason to mince words here since threeUK media outlets – the BBC, the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph – who were also caught out (or tricked) and presented misleading reports, have ALL withdrawn them.

Why is Deutsche Welle continuing to profoundly offend people in a country which as you are well aware has every reason to remember Nazism with pain and absolute abhorrence?   Offend them, I would stress, not with some unpalatable truth, but with misleading insinuations and lies which may serve the interests of those who concocted such a “sensation” too weeks ago, but in no way serves the cause of truth.

It is your duty before your audience to present the truth.  It is our right to expect it.

Please remove this misleading article and publicly apologize.


Yours faithfully,

Halya Coynash

Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group


More information about this squalid smear campaign can be found here:


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