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According to sociologists from the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre, Russians regard China as the friendliest country, and the least – the USA, Georgia and Ukraine. Interfax reports the results of a survey carried out in April.

23% of Russians saw Russia as having friendliest relations with China; 17% named Germany; 14% - Belarus.

The following countries were considered to have better relations with Russia by 6-9 % of the respondents: Kazakhstan, USA, India and France; 4% named EU countries; while 3% named Bulgaria or Japan.   

25% said that the most strained relations were with the USA; the same percentage named Georgia while Ukraine was thus classified by 21% of those surveyed.

Others named as having strained relations with Russia were: the United Kingdom (8%); the Baltic Republics; as a whole (6%),; Poland and Estonia (5% each

44-45% could not name countries with whom Russia has either friendly or unfriendly relations.

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