CVU believes vote-buying in Kyiv won’t work


According to the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, at the present time tens of thousands of votes have been paid for by different political forces. The Committee is convinced, however, that this time it won’t work.

The Head of the CVU said during a press conference that they were receiving a lot of complaints about voters being bribed and about the mass scale of the corruption. He said that this type of corruption had been used for nearly five years.

“Previously it was successful … the organizers of such crimes estimate that about half the people who received money voted for the political force (paying)”.  Popov believes that this is no longer the case. He says that according to CVU information, students in hostels have sold their vote 3 or 4 times already and are just waiting for the next “buyer” to come along.

He mentions, furthermore, that the technique won’t work also because several political forces are buying votes making the effect minimal.  “That is, they all receive a little”.

The CVU believes the vote-buying will continue right up till the elections, but calls upon people to vote according to their conscience.

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