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Constitutional Court again defends benefits against the Budget


On Tuesday the Constitutional Court reported its Judgment of 22 May which finds unconstitutional the norms of the Law on the Budget for 2008 which narrow or eliminate benefits and social guarantees for the country’s citizens.

The constitutional submission was lodged by 101 Deputies on norms of the law for 2008 which have not yet come into force. They asserted that certain provisions are in contravention of the principles of a social and law-based State, the rule of law and cancel and change the range of rights and duties, benefits, compensation and guarantees envisaged by other laws.

The Constitutional Court would seem to have upheld this view. It is to be hoped that this time the unconstitutional provisions will not come into force.  A similar judgment in July last year which cancelled norms in the State Budget which had suspended concessions has yet to be enforced.

Information about the new judgment from the Court’s Press Service

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