Russian court closes the website


A Moscow court has ordered the closure of the website IngushetiaRU “for spreading extremist material”.  The prosecutor’s office had sought the closure of the site in connection with the publication of an interview with the leader of the Ingush opposition Mysa Keligov which had previously been found extremist by the court.

The court read out only the resolution so their motives are as yet unknown. The site’s lawyer has already stated that the defence does not agree and will be appearing against the ruling.

The editor of the site has expressed bemusement over the ruling. The site reports that during the court hearing on 5 June the prosecutor’s representative unexpectedly presented a previously unknown court ruling from 10 April 2008 finding material on the site extremist. 

The court claims that representatives of the website were notified but did not attend.  IngushetiaRU is adamant that it was not informed and knew nothing of such a ruling until this Thursday.

The prosecutor states that the site published a call to residents of Ingushetia to take part in an unauthorized rally this January. At this event leaflets were handed out calling for a violent overthrow of the regime.

The owner of the site Magomed Yevloev, argues that his site had nothing to do with the disturbances in January and did not publish the material calling for a violent overthrowing of the regime. He acknowledges that material found to be extremist had been posted on the site, but they had appeared on a forum where anybody can express their views, and they had been removed.

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