Civic organizations call for a Constitutional Assembly


Changes to the Ukrainian Constitution should be drawn up and adopted by a Constitutional Assembly. This was the message on Saturday from the Second Civic Assembly of Ukraine “A New Constitution –Civic Society’s Position”

Participants in the Civic Assembly call on President Yushchenko and government bodies, as well as prominent politicians and public officials to pass a law to call together a special body - a Constitutional Assembly to draw up and pass a new Constitution.

The delegates of the Constitutional Assembly should be elected directly and not have the right to stand for any electoral office for the next 10 years

Volodymyr Khanas, member of the organizing committee stresses that “politicians convinced us through their actions that there is no other way”.

His colleague on the committee, representative of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, Anatoly Boiko says that members of the public have ceased being mere observers and want to take part in moving the country forward. He stresses that civic society is gaining momentum and that civic organizations are beginning to have an impact on society and move Ukraine forward.

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