Constitutional Court: coalitions are created by factions


On 19 September the Constitutional Court announced its judgment that a coalition consists of an association of parliamentary factions containing no less than 226 deputies.

It concluded that the words “coalition of deputy factions in the Verkhovna Rada” contained in Article 83 of the Constitution should be understood as referring to an association of several deputy factions formed on constitutional principles, where the number of National Deputies it contains being a majority of those in parliament.  These factions agree to joint parliamentary activities on the basis of an agreement regarding their political position.

At the same time, the Court terminated proceedings into the part of the constitutional submission regarding interpretation of the words “termination of the activity of a coalition of deputy factions in the Verkhovna Rada due to the issues raised in this question not being within the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court.”

The judgment stresses that only those National Deputies who are members of deputy factions may be in a coalition of deputy factions.  In June this year  Deputies from the Party of the Regions put forward this constitutional submission to the Court after two Deputies announced that they were withdrawing from the coalition (Ihor Rybakov and Yury But), this bringing the number of Deputies in the coalition down to 225.  The Party of the Regions had called on the then Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Arseny Yatsenyuk to announce the effective collapse of the coalition.

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