Zhvania wins his case over citizenship


On 23 September the Podilsky District Court in Kyiv found unwarranted the criminal investigation initiated by the Prosecutor General over alleged forging by National Deputy David Zhvania of documents submitted to obtain Ukrainian citizenship.  The judge reviewed Mr Zhvania’s appeal against the Prosecutor General’s decision of 22 May to initiate the investigation and stated in his decision to revoke the relevant resolution of the Prosecutor General’s Office that there had not been sufficient grounds for initiating a criminal investigation.  Mr Zhvania expressed satisfaction with the decision and said that the case had been politically motivated. 

We followed this case quite closely since the sudden decision to dispute Mr Zhvania’s citizenship, involving the revoking of a court ruling from 1999, came close on the heels of his public statements regarding the President’s poisoning.  More information can be found at:

The Prosecutor General had also sought to have an official whom he claimed had improperly issued citizenship prosecuted. This application was rejected by the Shevchenkivsky District Court in Kyiv on 9 September. 

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