21 Century slave owners in Zaporizhya


Officers of an anti-trafficking unit of the Zaporizhya Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) have freed people being brutally exploited on a livestock farm in the Zaporizhya area.  More than ten people who had been held by force in one of the farm’s buildings in absolutely unacceptable conditions were released.  All of them had no permanent place of residence, and they told the police officers that they had spend a few months on the farm working between 17 and 19 hours a day.

The police believe that the human traffickers hunted their potential slaves in a van driving around the regional centre and the roads around Zaporizhya. They offered construction work for payment and then drove the people to the farm where they “educated” them through beatings and kept them locked up. They were punished for the least fault not only through beating, but by being held in a cold pit of several kilometres which was covered with bags so that the people couldn’t escape.

Six people have been detained and charged under Article 149 of the Criminal Code (Human trafficking). The criminal investigation now underway will also try to establish how many people may have been victims, with preliminary estimates suggesting over 100.

Based on a police report at

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