Russia’s Supreme Court rehabilitates Nikolai II and his family


The last Tsar of Russia, his wife and five children have been recognized as victims of political repression.  After three years of fruitless struggle, the Supreme Court ruling was quite unexpected. The Prosecutor General and the Supreme Court had already come out three times against rehabilitation.  They had claimed that the royal family had not been executed, but murdered, since no court ruling for the execution had been found. They also claimed that rehabilitation is intended to cancel charges, yet the Tsar’s family had not been presented with any.

However on 1 October the Presidium of the Supreme Court changed its stand and declared that the family had perished on the ruling of the Soviet regime.

Head of “Memorial” Arseny Roginsky believes that the rehabilitation of the Tsar and his family could lead to a fundamental review of approaches to the history of Russia In the twentieth century. He said that this step discredits Lenin in the mass consciousness.

From information at “Echo Moskvy”.

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