Wages arrears for miners have increased by 470%


In explaining a sharp increase in wage arrears in September, the Minister of Employment and Social Policy Ludmila Denisova pointed to the dramatic rise in arrears in the coal industry (on 1 October as against 1 September – 469.8%.

Ms Denisova said that the problem was caused by non-payments from energy enterprises and a significant reduction in sales of coke. Other reasons cited were a worsening in the financial condition of enterprises, incomplete financing of State orders, and failure to settle for produce and services provided.

The increase in arrears had been recorded in almost all regions besides the Odessa, Ternopil, Kherson, Cherkasy regions and Kyiv.

The highest increases were in the Donetsk region – by 53.5 million (UAH); Luhansk region – 44.7 million; Lviv region – 23.6 million; Kharkiv region – 11.7 million; Zaporizhya region – 5.8 million; and Chernihiv region – 3 million.

The last time wage arrears were over 800 million UAH was in August last year when they reached 802 million.

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