Ruling used to close the website revoked


A civic proceedings panel of judges of the Supreme Court of Ingushetia has overturned the ruling of the Nazran District Court. The latter had found elements of extremism in an interview with the opposition leader Musa Keligov posted on the Ingushetia.RU website. News of the Supreme Court judgment is given by Ingushetia.Org  ( the mirror copy of the site begun after the domain address was removed in late September.

The Supreme Court thus allowed the appeal by the Chief Editor of the site Rosa Malgasova. The case has been sent for new examination.

The ruling of the Nazran District Court from 3 April 2008 was used as the grounds for the ruling of the Kuntsevsky District Court in Moscow on 6 June which ordered the closure of the site for spreading extremist material, this ruling being upheld by another Moscow court on 12 August.

The interview which was deemed extremist had actually been given by Keligov to another newspaper “News time” [“Vremya novostei”] and had only be reposted by Ingushetia.RU.

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