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Court bans Eurasian Youth Union


On 6 November the Kharkiv District Administrative Court, on the basis of material from the SBU [Security Service] allowed the application of the Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor to forcibly dissolve the Kharkiv regional civic organization “Eurasian Youth Union”.

The SBU Press Centre’s report points out that the activities of a number of organizations with extremist or separatist leanings have been banned. In December 2006 a court banned activities on Ukrainian territory of the Sevastopol youth organization “Proryv” [“Breakthrough”], while in November 2007 the Donetsk Court of Appeal uphold the ruling by the Donetsk District Administrative Court to forcibly disband the organization “Donetsk Republic”.

More information about the Eurasian Youth Union and attempts to ban it can be found here

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