“Ratusza” newspaper wins suit against the Mayor of Lviv


The Lviv City Council newspaper “Ratusza” has won a law suit against the Mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy. The Chief Editor of the newspaper Mykola Savelyev informed journalists of the details of the case. In October 2007, he said, at one of the sessions of the Lviv City Council, Mr Sadovy had said: “Why are you worried about your pay in the newspaper “Ratusza”?  They’ll get It, but in envelopes. This Is work for the law enforcement agencies.”

Deeming this to be a direct insult against their business reputation, the newspaper lodged a suit against the Mayor which was allowed on 26 November. The judge of the Halytsky District Court ordered the Mayor to retract the false information at a session of the Council.

Conflict has raged between the Mayor and the newspaper since the present Mayor came to office. In October last year Mykola Savelyev and two journalists began a hunger strike in the Mayor’s reception office of Mayor Andriy Sadovy.  They were protesting at the lack of financing for the newspaper and failure to pay salaries over the previous four months.

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