Political struggle one of mutual destruction


At a press conference on 19 December the Deputy Director of the Razumkov Centre warned that the trend towards mass exodus of the families of politicians and the wealthy could herald imminent collapse in the country . Valery Chaly called the present situation in Ukraine “a verdict on the political elite”.

He comments with regret that the political establishment which aspires to national and state leadership is not demonstrating willingness to overcome the crisis.  “Even in the fact of the challenges of an economic, financial and political crisis and social tension, politicians are not showing a united stand. We are observing a political battle of  mutual destruction”.

He added that the political elite show concern about ordinary people merely from a populist and electoral point of view.

He comments that the most typical indicator of serious negative consequences for the country are in “the degree to which families of the wealthy are leaving the country”.  The same thing, he notes, happened in Russia in 1998 and then it augured the collapse of the economy.

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