Criticism over plans to introduce payment for medical services in Kyiv


The plans announced by the Mayor’s Office to introduce fees for medical services in city healthcare facilities have run into criticism. Ludmila Solop, expert on medical law and public health, told Deutsche Welle that the plans are against the law.

The Constitution (Article 49) is clear on this point: State and communal health protection institutions provide medical care free of charge In State and municipal healthcare institutions. Ms Sopol says, although in practice this right is limited by the financial capacity of the country, specifically, budgetary constraints, it remains, nonetheless, illegal to impose official fees for medical services.

In the last few days, the capital’s authorities announced plans to introduce charges for analyses, check-ups and consultations in healthcare institutions in order to boost the city’s finances. According to Ms Solop, the Cabinet of Ministers affirmed a list of such chargeable services and this is the only document regulating charges.  She reiterates that these plans would be a violation of people’s rights.

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