Minister of Education removes censorship anachronism


The Minister of Education Ivan Vakarchuk has heeded the numerous appeals from scholars and approached the heads of higher educational institutions explaining the rules for publishing material of an academic nature.

Previously scientists working in the natural and technical sciences had to produce an official expert opinion affirming that they had the right and possibility to publish each scientific work.  These expert opinions were issued by commissions created within each institute or scientific institution.

This practice was established back in Soviet times and was, the Ministry has concluded, a form of censorship unacceptable for a democratic country.  Mr Vakarchuk therefore stresses that any such censorship is forbidden.

The Minister has thus told the staff of scientific journals, anthologies, etc, that they have no right to demand this type of additional document. He also stresses that such demands carry liability under Ukrainian legislation on information.

From information posted on the Ministry of Education’s website

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