Russian extreme rightwing leader protests his insanity


The leader of the Russian Movement against Illegal Migration, Alexander Belov intends to appeal against a medical expert assessment, carried out by order of the court, which found him mentally fit, Interfax has reported. The politician claimed that the medical experts had not examined the originals of his outpatient records, as well as the references from his place of work and residence.

Belov is facing charges of inciting inter-ethnic enmity. The material submitted to the court says that when speaking at a “Russian March” in November 2007, Belov made “utterances in an offensive form with regard to representatives of the executive branch of power in Russia, combining them in a negative sense with Jews”.

According to Interfax, the prosecution statement says that Belov incited participants to chant anti-Semitic and anti-government slogans and insulted people from the Caucuses and Central Asian republics.

Belov claims that “the investigators didn’t like the fact that I called the building of the (Russian) Whitehouse the scroll of the Torah and said that neither venal officials nor hordes of occupiers from Central Asia would stop Russia’s victory.”

Alexander Belov:  “Who knows, I could attack people. It all needs to be investigated”

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