Parliamentarians defend private religious school in Donetsk


In a cheering, and most unusual, demonstration of support from members of different political factions, a number of National Deputies have sent a joint appeal to the Minister of Health and the Head of the Donetsk Regional Administration over the threatened closure of a school. Their appeal states that the closure could have unacceptable consequences for the children and violates their constitutional right to education.

The school “Rostok”, which was founded and is maintained by the Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church, is for the second year running encountering obstacles from the local departments of the Sanitary Epidemiological Service [SES], and as a consequence, other State bodies.  The Donetsk SES assert that the forced closure of the school is needed as it falls within the boundary of the sanitary zone of the Donetsk Metallurgical factory.

The National Deputies express support for the position taken by the management of the school and parents who believe the reasons to be made-up and groundless since with reduction in the production of the factory, the existing boundaries have been effectively changed, which they can demonstrate with documentation.

The appeal states that the results of numerous checks of the school by parliamentary and Government representatives, as well as the executive committee of the Donetsk City Council, have been unfailingly positive with regard to the material and technological provisions on the leased premises and favourable conditions for the children’s education and upbringing.  All the more important since the school is aimed at creating opportunities for children from large and low-income families.

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