No further forward on the right of religious groups to found educational institutions


Members of the parliamentary Committee on Culture and Spirituality were unable at their meeting on 4 March to come to any decision following their review of a new draft law proposing amendments to law enabling religious organizations to found educational institutions (draft No. 2729).

Three National Deputies M. Kosiv, Y. Kendzyor and P. Movchan have doubts about the wisdom of the legislative initiative at all. The authors of the draft law are V. Sretovych and V. Marushchenko, from the Christian Democratic Union, and V. Malyshchev from the Party of the Regions and O. Bodnar from BYuT

Their arguments included the assertion that the “State and Church are partners” and that the great potential for spiritual and moral upbringing which the Church and religious organizations have should be recognized and the need to remove discrimination against the Church in comparison with civic organizations and individuals;

Their position was backed by letters from the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations, as well as repeat appeals from five leading dominations.

However the Committee refrained from taking any decision and agreed to review the issue at the next meeting after holding additional consultations with religious groups.

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