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Hans-Gert Pottering: Ukrainians unite!


In an address to the Verkhovna Rada on Monday 6 April, President of the European Parliament Hans-Gert Pottering called on those in power in Ukraine to unit, saying the constant political instability was a serious problem for the country and was slowing down the process of reform.

Mr Pottering said that he was saying this “not like a professor reading a lecture, but as a true friend of Ukraine”.

He believes that for Ukraine it is extremely important to carry out “real constitutional reform which will create a serious system of division of authority between all branches of power on the basis of the recommendations of the Venice Commission.”

He also stressed the need to carry out judicial reform, to separate business from politics and to fight corruption.

He pointed out that the global crisis had hit Ukraine hard, and said that European countries were concerned over the deepening economic slump in Ukraine.

Mr Pottering stressed that the decision of the IMF to renew cooperation with Ukraine “should be based on political will and on the courage of Ukraine’s leaders to ensure all serious steps towards carrying out economic reform”.

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