Russian “Justice” still unable to honour the Victims of Katyń


On 7 May the final three cassation appeals lodged by Memorial were rejected by the civil proceedings chamber of the Moscow City Court. The Court thus upheld the rulings from 18 and 19 March 2009 by the Khamovnychesky District Court which had found the refusaln by the Military Prosecutor’s Office to consider Memorial’s application to rehabilitate three Polish prisoners of war murdered at Katyń to be lawful.

As reported here „Memorial is calling on the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office to carry out the law of the Russian Federation “On the rehabilitation of victims of political repression”. It has, since May 2006, been seeking recognition that the Polish prisoners of war and prisoners executed without trial by the NKVD in April and May 1940 on the decision of the Soviet Politburo on 5 March 1940 were victims of political repression.

The grotesque excuses for refusing to rehabilitate them have included the fact that there was no court case …

Memorial has one last legal avenue left in the Russian Federation, and will then be returning to the European Court of Human Rights. It has already approached the Court (in November 2007) in connection with the victims of Katyń.

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