Parliamentary committee against allowing religious organizations to open educational institutions


The Verkhovna Rada Committee on Science and Education on 20 May recommended rejecting a draft law envisaging amendments to legislation on the founding by religious organizations of schools and other educational institutions.

As already reported, there was controversy over the draft law in March with no decision being reached after review of the new draft law proposing amendments to law enabling religious organizations to found educational institutions (draft No. 2729). The draft law would give religious organizations the same rights as private individuals and other organizations. Its main aim is to give believers the right to give their children education of State standards but within a form of upbringing which is in harmony with their beliefs. This right is guaranteed by many international agreements which Ukraine has ratified, yet the initiators of the draft law say that the appropriate mechanism has yet to be introduced into domestic legislation.

Those opposed to the bill claimed that it was in breach of the Constitution and Ukrainian legislation, basically, the separation of religion and State. A majority at the meeting recommended that parliament reject draft law No. 2729 at its first reading as not being in line with the Constitution and Ukrainian legislation.

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