Parliament’s attempt to cancel the Ternopil elections was unconstitutional


The Constitutional Court on 16 June 2009 made public its judgment finding the Verkhovna Rada Resolution on 3 March 2009 ( №1058-VI) which revoked its own previous resolution to hold early elections for deputies of the Ternopil Regional Council to have been unconstitutional .
The Court considered the Resolution in response to a submission from the President. It states in its judgment that cancellation of local elections or changing their day for reasons not envisaged by law violates citizens’ electoral rights.
The Council had been basically paralyzed through political dissent for some time when the original resolution was issued calling early elections. The Resolution revoking the elections was immediately appealed by the extreme rightwing party VO “Svoboda” which claimed very publicly that BYuT – the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko wanted to cancel the elections because it was afraid that it would lose very badly. BYuT. In the first weeks of March and basically until the day before the elections were due it remained unclear whether they would take place. However the Lviv Court of Appeal on 14 March upheld the original ruling of the Ternopil Regional District Administrative Court ordering that the elections be held.
They were held the next day, although BYuT boycotted them. 
VO “Svoboda” gained a large percentage of the votes sending shockwaves through the country due to its racist and anti-Semitic views, and the unprecedented increase in support, doubtless in large measure due to disillusionment with the traditional “orange” parties in power [BYuT and Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defence] up till then.

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