Ministry of Justice creates a special department for fighting corruption within


The Ministry of Justice has created an anti-corruption department whose main tasks will be to prevent and identify cases of corruption within its central border. The relevant order was signed by the Minister, Mykola Onishchuk, and is available on their website.

The Department will have the authority to initiate official investigations, as well as to turn to the law enforcement agencies where they uncover facts which could indicate that officials are guilty of corrupt actions.

One important function will be to prevent and counter attempts to interfere in the activities of the State Bailiffs when enforcing court rulings.

The Department will also be empowered to initiate calls for the revoking of acts of Departments of Justice which create a risk of corruption.

The Department will have the duty to analyze and systematize information about manifestations of corruption among employees of Justice offices.  The Department will check allegations made by members of the public or legal entities with respect to such corruption, as well as reports in the media or on the Internet.

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