Committee of Voters criticizes changes to the Law on the Presidential Elections


The law passed by parliament on Friday introducing amendments to the Law on the Presidential Elections has evoked fierce criticism and accusations that it puts obstacles in the way of transparent and democratic elections.

The Head of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU], Oleksandr Chernenko slams the rules for appealing against the results, the possibility of removing civic organizations from observing the elections, and an increase to 2.5 million UAH of the amount which candidates must put down and its return only if they get into the second round of voting.

The strongest objections, in his view, are aroused by the norm on appealing against the results of the elections by a court of only one level, and within two days only. “If this law had been in force in 2004 then Yanukovych would have been elected President. We recall what kind of rigging there was then, and the Supreme Court during a direct television broadcast proved it. According to the law just passed this would be virtually impossible”, Mr Chernenko is convinced. He believes that Ukrainian society should condemn the legislative changes and call on the President to veto the bill.

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