Russia’s representative at Strasbourg could have conflict of interests


Valery Musin, Russia’s Representative at the European Court of Human Rights has been asked to seek to be removed due to his election to the Council of Directors of Gasprom. This was reported by the newspaper Kommersant on Wednesday.

If Musin takes part in the examination of the YUKOS case, while working for a State company, this could create a conflict of interests.

Musin is due to give his answer by 1 August. He told Kommersant that he was considering his response to a letter from a representative of the Court, Soren Nilsen, and, saying that the issue was a delicate one, refused to go into detail.

Musin was elected to the Gasprom Council of Directors on 26 June and the letter from Mr Nilsen came on 1 July.

The YUKOS corporate application reached Strasbourg in April 2004, and on 29 April 2009, with Musin’s participation, found it partially admissible, as regards mandatory implementation of tax decisions.

The Court’s permanent representative from Russia is Anatoly Kovler, however he has asked to be removed from the YUKOS case.

Russia leads in the number of applications to the European Court of Human Rights. In 2008 27,246 applications were lodged, this being 28% of the entire number. One in three cases involves alleged use of torture during interrogation.

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