Suspected use of torture by Chernivtsi police officers


A criminal investigation has been initiated by the Regional Prosecutor against three police officers from the Pershotravnevy District Police Station in Chernivtsi. They are suspected of having exceeded their authority with the use of violence.

At a press conference, the Bukovyna Prosecutor told journalists that the officers, having detained people whom they suspected of theft, had used torture to force out evidence. “The investigation has already been completed into this case. Three police officers are in a temporary holding facility, and the case has been passed to the court”, the Prosecutor said.

He added that six criminal investigations had been initiated in the Bukovyna region, and that on the basis of Prosecutor’s response documents, proceedings had been brought against 296 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; 16 of the tax police; and 7 of the Security Service.

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