Parents’ Association objects to irresponsible beer advertisement


The Parents’ Television Viewers’ Association is calling on the company “Obolon” to remove an ad with the slogan “Football without beer just isn’t football”. 

“In view of the fact that according to the World Health Organization, Ukraine in 2008 had the highest level of underage alcoholism in Europe, parents consider the statement in the clips on TV “Obolon”, and specifically, the slogan “Football without beer just isn’t football” to be extremely socially irresponsible”., their statement reads.

The Association considers that the slogan undermines the authority of teachers and parents who are endeavouring to stop the association of big sport with alcohol, and also presents a risk that young people will take such a message seriously.

The Association has also sent copies of the advertisement to State controlling bodies and the Head of the Ukrainian Football Federation asking them to determine whether such a slogan is in keeping with the Federation’s normative documents, and those of UEFA.

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