Yushchenko vetoes amendments to law on Presidential elections


On 18 August the Head of the President’s Secretariat announced that Viktor Yushchenko has vetoed the Law “On amendments to some legislative acts regarding the Presidential elections”. Ms Stavnichuk told journalists that the President had returned the bill to parliament with his suggestions. She explained that he considers that the Law as passed by the Verkhovna Rada would not create an effective mechanism for enabling the expression of voters’ will. He also feels that the law cannot ensure the holding of fair, transparent and democratic elections.

Ms Stavnichuk stated that President Yushchenko is planning to reject most of the provisions of the law and will be submitting to parliament specific proposals and additions for improving the electoral law.

The law in question was passed by a majority of 316 deputies and from media reports, it would seem that there are plans to overcome the President’s veto.

As reported here already, the Committee of Voters of Ukraine has expressed strong reservations about the law. The criticisms are over:

·         the rules for appealing against the result, in particular the norm on appealing against the results of the elections by a court of only one level, and within two days only;;

·         the possibility of removing civic organizations from observing the elections

·         the increase to 2.5 million UAH of the amount which candidates must put down and its return only if they get into the second round of voting.

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