Criminal investigation initiated into beating of a Vinnytsa prisoner


According to spokesperson Andriy Kobylyansky, the Vinnytsa Regional Prosecutor has initiated a criminal investigation into the beating of a prisoner by officials of Vinnytsa Penal Colony No. 1.

Mr Kobylyansky explained that the investigation had been launched on the basis of a check carried out by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office following a number of reports of improper conditions of imprisonment in the colony.

“Allegations by prisoners with regard to their safety inside the institutions were found to be not without justification. This is demonstrated by the unwarranted physical violence against one prisoner with the application of special means and actions in excess of official powers”.

Mr Kobylyansky added that at the present time the victim was safe and his state of health considered satisfactory.

“After intervention by the Central Office of the State Department for the Execution of Sentences [the Department], and certain staffing changes in the Department’s Vinnytsa Regional Division, the situation in the institution has rectified itself, become controlled and manageable”., he stated.

The criminal investigation is under Article 365 § 2 of the Criminal Code (exceeding power, accompanied by violence).

At the end of August the Department dismissed the Acting Head of Vinnytsa Penal Colony No. 1, Serhiy Kozachyshchyn over the beating of the prisoner. The Vinnytsa Human Rights Group had previously reported that on 2 June 22-year-old Anatoly Levchuk had died in Kirovohrad hospital; No. 1 from beatings received in a SIZO [remand centre].

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