Belarusian Solidarity Day: In Memory of disappeared opposition leaders


It is 10 years since, on 16 September 1999, opposition politician Viktor Honchar and his friend Anatoly Krasovsky were abducted in Minsk and never seen again.

A picket will take place on Wednesday evening at 18.00 on October Square to remember Honchar, Krasovsky and the many other victims of Lukashenko’s repressive regime.

People will bring photos of the disappeared men and candles.

Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Honchar and businessman and public figure Anatoly Krasovsky disappeared on 16 September 1999. High ranking Belarusian officials are widely suspected of having organized the disappearances. A number of officials – former Ministers of Internal Affairs Vladimir Naumov and Yury Sivakov, former Member of the Security Council Viktor Sheiman, .and ex-commander of a special response unit Dmitry Pavlichenko were banned entry to EU countries and the USA over suspicions that they were involved in the disappearances.

From information at www.charter97

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