Morality Commission seeks changes to law to protect children from information age


The National Expert Commission for the Defence of Public Morality plans to initiate amendments to the Law “On the Protection of Public Morality”, “On the Protection of Childhood” and “On advertising”, their site states.

The legislative initiative is to define the level of responsibility in the area of protection of public morality, improvement of the mechanisms for protecting children from harmful information influences and regulating measures against the circulation of such information via the Internet.

The Commission wants amendments to Article 7 of the Law “On the Protection of Public Morality” regarding prohibition of the use in advertising, mobile content, computer games and other games for children, in printed material intended for children, as well as in cartoons and films without age restrictions, children’s videos and audio material, television and radio programmes, etc, “rude and brutal words, non-formal vocabulary and indecent expressions and gestures, elements of violence and cruelty, as well as demonstrations of acts of vandalism, bodies of dead or badly injured people, scenes eliciting fear or horror, encouraging mutilation or suicide, a possible assessment of violence.”

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