Caution: Cultural activities in Ukraine are dangerous!


At 3 a.m. this morning, 30 September, the Pavlo Hudimov Art Centre was set alight. Mr Hudimov, who runs and owns the art centre has issued the following statement:

“At 3 a.m. this morning an exceptionally unpleasant, and even portentous event occurred. An art centre actively involved in contemporary art, curatorial and educational activities was set alight, leading to serious damage. The psychological trauma faced by myself, my colleagues and all those who at their own expense are creating a contemporary cultural milieu is considerably more serious. After all in some ways this attack is symbolic. It is easy to fight with cultural centres. It is hard to achieve what art centres are involved in: to explain how important it is to be here and now.

Such incidents clearly present great danger.

I can, however, promise one thing: we will definitely open again after the repairs. We will continue to work, hold exhibitions, show films, run master classes.

Mr Hudimov is calling on all their viewers, friends, on artists, colleagues and journalists for help. He stresses also that if anyone has any information, they should approach the police.

At the Gallery on Friday night, certain rightwing activists caused trouble after a discussion on homophobia and tolerance (and its absence) in Ukrainian society. It seems likely that the same people had tried to disrupt the presentation at the Ye bookshop in Kyiv of the new work published by “Krytyka” – “100 pages of sodom”.

It is worth noting – and one would hope that the law enforcement agencies could finally do so – that certain extreme rightwing groups are targeting those who offend their racist and homophobic views.

The Gallery’s website is at: Please see the following page showing the latest exhibition which has been prevented due to the arson attack

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