Those who tried to break up presentation of gay literature anthology named


The police have, according to Ukraine’s Gay Forum, named those responsible for the violent attempts to break up formal presentations of the anthology of gay literature “120 pages of Sodom”.

As reported, the event at the XVI Book Forum in Lviv was disrupted by three members of the far rightwing organization Tryzub im. Stepan Bandery.

The three – Pavlo Tarasenko, Vasyl Abram and Andriy Podilsky – were arrested and a court imposed administrative penalties.

Tryzub claimed responsibility for the incident and criticized the court and the judges whom it named “true henchmen of a regime of internal occupation and supporters of sodomy” who eked “Godless court vengeance against young nationalists who were defending God’s Commandments, the honour and dignity of the Ukrainian nation”.

 The Gay Forum also reports that the deputy head of the rightwing organization (and political party) VO “Svoboda” branch in Kyiv has been detained over the disruption of the presentation at the “Ye” Bookshop on 24 September.

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