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Strike at the Yanovska Factory may be resumed


The latest hearing into a worryingly inappropriate law suit was due on 9 October, but there has been no news of its having taken place. It was to have been the fourth hearing into a claim brought by the closed joint stock company “Yanovskoye” against the organizers of a strike at the factory because employees had been paid for less than three of the last six months.

The first hearing was held on 27 July with the employers demanding that the strike which began on 6 July be declared unlawful and the employees forced to return to work, and that court costs be paid by the respondents.

The Trade Union for Coal Industry Workers stated late last month that the employees at the factory are intended to resume their strike. The industrial action began on 6 July, with the workers seeing no other option having not been paid even half the outstanding wages for the last six months, despite the fact that the factory brought in considerably more money. No social security payments at all had been made for half a year. The employers’ first response had been to dismiss the organizers (cf. 

An emergency meeting of the City Council on 16 July fully supported the striking workers, finding their demands entirely legitimate. They ordered the owner to pay all wage arrears and arrears to the social security funds within a week.

The workers claim that only 2 parts of the Council’s decision have been implemented: the orders dismissing the organizers were revoked, and arrears were paid on the three months in question. The rates of pay, which in breach of legislation, are calculated at 2006 level, much lower than for coal industry workers generally, have not been changed, and arrears are owed for the summer months.

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