Former police officer imprisoned for killing a detainee


The Trostyanetsky District Court has sentenced a former senior criminal investigation officer from the Okhtyrsk city-district police department, Maxim Kolobylin to seven years imprisonment for killing a detained person during interrogation.

In 2007 Kolobylin shot and killed in his office a man detained on suspicion of having stolen several scooters. Overstepping his professional powers, the police officer resorted to physical and psychological force against the detainee to get him to confess to the crimes. He also use a Makarov pistol for this person however when he placed the gun at the detainee’s head, the latter tried to push it away with his hand and Kolobylin accidentally fired. The detainee died of his wounds in emergency care.

Once again the police officer in this case was charged not under torture, but under Article 365 § 3 of the Criminal Code “exceeding authority or official powers leading to grave consequences”.

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