Turkmenistan: Russian environmentalist Andrei Zatoka sentenced to 5 years imprisonment


The “trial” of Andrei Zatoka, well-known environmentalist and civic activist, began and ended on 29 October. As feared, after the flagrant trumping up of charges against the activist, Andrei was sentenced to five years imprisonment, being found guilty under Article 108 (deliberately causing medium severity damage to health).

As reported already, Andrei, a Russian national, living in Turkmenistan, was himself set upon by a man who proved to be a drug addict with criminal convictions at a market where he was buying food for guests coming to celebrate his birthday on 20 October.  Andrei realized he was being set up, and attempted to call the police, however was himself arrested and charged with assault.  Similar tactics were applied in December 2006, however due to the death of Niyazov, he then received a suspended sentence.

Andrei Zatoka’s lawyer is planning to appeal this outrageous sentence.

Please see previous reports for addresses for sending letters in support of Andrei Zatoka

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