Head of Memorial interrogated regarding charges of defaming Kadyrov


The Head of the Memorial Human Rights Centre Oleg Orlov has been questioned as part of the criminal charges of defamation of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov. According to the radio station Echo Moskvy, the interrogation lasted 4 hours.

Oleg Orlov said later that the criminal case was not being terminated. He and his lawyer, Henry Reznik had lodged two applications to have several documents added to the criminal file, and several witnesses questions. Both were allowed.

It became known on 27 October that criminal charges were being laid against Orlov on the basis of an application by Kadyrov.  If Oleg Orlov is convicted, he faces up to three years imprisonment

As already reported, on 3 September the Moscow Police refused to initiate criminal proceedings against Orlov. This decision, however, was appealed by the detective inquiry department of the same central department of the Police, and on 24 September the decision not to initiate proceedings was revoked.

The case pertains to a statement made by Oleg Orlov on 15 July this year, hours after Natalya Estemirova was murdered, in which Orlov spoke of Kadyrov bearing responsibility.

Oleg Orlov does not deny saying this, but says that he was speaking of socio-political, not criminal liability of the Chechen President.

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