Spread of HIV/AIDS in the world is abating, not so in Ukraine


According to the latest UNAIDS report, over the last 8 years the number of people infected with HIV has fallen by 17 percent. In Ukraine quite the contrary – HIV is spreading at a high pace. Figures are on the rise generally in Eastern Europe and Central Asia . 90% of all new cases of HIV in this region were in Russia and Ukraine .

According to Anna Shakarishvili, Coordinator of UNAIDS in Ukraine , figures show that of all former Soviet republics, HIV infection is spreading at the fastest rate in Ukraine . She says that UNAIDS is closely monitoring what educational and preventive work Ukraine is undertaking, as well as how those living with HIV / AIDS are looked after. She believes that the government is correct in intervening, however the number of targeted programmes is insufficient.

UNAID, she says, is recommending that Ukraine improve the quality and range of measures aimed at preventing the spread of HIV among the most vulnerable groups in society, broaden preventive programmes aimed at safe sex and more actively channel not only international donors’ funding for the fight against HIV, but also national funds.

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